SUPPORT for the racing gut with ReadySupp

Racing Gut has been developed to support all horses under the stress and pressure of training.

The comprehensive supplement includes apple pectin, a complex soluble carbohydrate, and emulsifying phospholipid soy lecithin, which can help form an acid-protective hydrophobic barrier on the gastric wall.  

Active herbs slippery elm, liquorice and marshmallow are combined with antioxidants, zinc and the essential amino-acid threonine to formulate this soothing supplement. The natural ingredients are designed to ‘soak’ up harmful excess acid and encourage natural healing of stomach cells to help soothe, support and reduce the risk of gastric disturbances in hard working horses.

Racing Gut is suitable to be fed as a course, or on a long-term basis,  and is suitable for horses prone to gastric challenges or with compromised gastric health, such as those fasting, on restricted diets, on high starch or low-fibre diets, or medication.

The supplement is manufactured under the NOPS code and all products are batch trackable for increased traceability.

Racing Gut does not contravene FEI or Jockey Club rules and is 100% race safe.

Active ingredients: Lecithin, apple pectin, threonine, calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, zinc, slippery elm powder, liquorice root powder, marshmallow root powder, grapeseed extract.

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Meet Wesley Ward - preparing for Royal Ascot 2015

Meet Wesley Ward - preparing for Royal Ascot 2015

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