Make feeding simpler with the Simple Feeder

What is a SiMPLEFEEDER?    

SiMPLEFEEDER is an Automatic Horse Feeder which greatly improves horse health.  Enabling you to feed up to 8 times daily, it is not only better for your horse but it saves you time and money.


The concept behind SiMPLEFEEDER is to provide each horse with a feeding regime which replicates as close as possible to the natural feeding environment, ensuring the horse gains its full nutritional value from their feed.


The main benefits of SiMPLEFEEDER are that it produces a better, more consistent performing horse. It improves the horse’s recovery time from stress and or injury.  You can feed smaller but more frequent meals, greatly improving horse’s health and reducing  the risk of your horse getting Stomach Ulcers and/or Colic.


It enables your horses to be fed prior to training or competition, meaning your horse is ready when you are and is not fed late due to being worked..  By installing a SiMPLEFEEDER you no longer need somebody there to feed your precious animals,  massively reducing labour costs  plus  you can be rest assured that your horses are being fed on time.  SiMPLEFEEDER is also fussy eater approved.


Check out what are valued customers had to say about us:

“We have all our horses fed using SiMPLEFEEDER and it had a big impact on labour savings in our yard. I frequently travel to racecourses and used to have to come home early to feed horses. Now I can take my time as the horses will be fed. No more kicking of stable doors.”

Ballyhampshire Stud – Castlelyons Co. Cork – Ireland

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