Quattro Products - rubber surfaces

Equine welfare & safety are paramount in all of the commercial world.

Quattro Products Ltd have been supplying & fitting a wide variety of rubber surfaces for stables, horsewalkers, wash boxes, outside yards, horseboxes, racecourses, vets & equine pools for over 25 years. Works have been carried out throughout Europe & the Middle East.

Specializing in sealed systems to prevent the build up of bacteria & odour, Quattro products also provide the safety and comfort required. Fully bonded & sealed mat systems have been fitted in many top racing yards & stud farms.

They also supply & fit the fully seamless ‘FLEXSCREED’ rubber system for stable yards, walkways, parade rings etc. The fully sealed, impervious, ‘FLEXSCREED’ system provides a permanently sealed, hygienic stable floor. This lessens the amount of bedding required, significantly saves on ‘mucking out’ time and eradicates bacteria that can be trapped below loose lay systems.

Quattro also supply heavy duty interlocking rubber for horsewalkers, ramps & walkways.

As a main importer & supplier of all rubber protection they can advise on all areas, equine pools & sea walkers, vets knockdown & recovery boxes, anti cast, stocks protection, saddling boxes, parade & pre parade etc.

Many items can be seen on the website www.quattro.org.uk & by clicking on the flickr link on the home page; it will take you to an extensive picture gallery.

Bedmax - dust free bedding

David Crosse - View from the Saddle