Bedmax - dust free bedding

Supporting racing’s commitment to equine welfare

When BEDMAX shavings launched in 2000 they were in direct response to a demand from trainers for clean, dust free bedding that eliminated dust and spores in the stable. 

As in many areas of development of how to care for horses and get the best out of them, racing has led the way. This includes understanding the importance of good bedding in safeguarding the health and welfare of race horses which spend long periods in their stables. 

Bedding is more complicated and important than anyone could have imagined. And, in researching the other issues that affect horses in stables, BEDMAX have also learned the importance of bedding in safeguarding hoof integrity, protecting joints, supporting the horse’s weight, moisture management and hygiene. 

Bedding may be a small detail in the complex jigsaw of successful training, but it’s a detail that can make the difference between winning and losing.

Science and innovative thinking are changing our understanding of horses and how to care for them all the time. BEDMAX is still leading the way in the bedding sector and they are now passing on what they have learned to horse owners in the wider equestrian world. They have developed an education programme specifically to highlight the understanding of how bedding affects equine welfare and how to improve it.

Their education training program, materials and support is available to all sectors of the racing industry from colleges to individual training establishments.

To arrange a training session please contact Barbara Huddart at BEDMAX on 01668213467

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