January - March 2018 issue 60 (PRINT)

January - March 2018 issue 60 (PRINT)



  • Cover Profile - Colin Tizzard

  • TRM Trainer of the Quarter

  • Dressage as a training tool.

  • Horseracing in South Korea.

  • Where in the EU can trainers get the best start?

  • The positive and negative effects of oil in equine nutrition.

  • The ongoing effort to minimise the rate and impact of fractures.

  • Getting to grips with Strangles.

  • The thoroughbred trainer in the digital age.

  • Hindsight - Tommy Stack looks back over his career

  • The ETF celebrates its 20th anniversary

  • Licensing and integrity - EMHF seminar

  • Staffing - you're only as good as your team!

  • All about the Lycetts Team Champion Award

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