NAF - Superflex

Five Star Superflex is the right combination; a scientifically balanced ratio of readily absorbed Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCl and Chondroitin, the highest quality MSM plus the added benefits of a powerful anti-oxidant formula, exclusively designed to address excess free radical build up around the joint. Five Star Superflex contains the right combination of key nutrients in the optimum ratios, developed over twenty five years of working with sound horses. So provide the best flexibility for life for your horse or pony with Five Star Superflex, available in liquid and powder forms.

Five Star Superflex has been developed by international veterinary scientists to provide horses and ponies across all disciplines with the ultimate joint support.
The best riders in the world put their trust in Five Star Superflex, make sure you offer your horse or pony that essential support to achieve the best performance possible.

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