Andrews Bowen

Andrews Bowen has products that are proven at the highest levels and the experience and resources to deliver. Their unrivalled passion to produce the very best surface possible so that horses can perform at their very best sets them apart.

Andrews Bowen world leaders in surface technology offer their, BHA approved Safetrack racing and training surface providing minimal kickback, allowing horses to benefit from a secure and consistent footing. Clients can take advantage of their complete design, supply and installation packages. Andrews Bowen have installed their Safetrack surfacing at a number of facilities including; Manor House Stables, Paul Nicholls Racing, Dan Skelton Racing, Ocala Breeder Sales and Goldmark Farms.

Andrews Bowen are also able to offer their unique Equaflow System in conjunction with their surfacing as an alternative to traditional stone sub bases and drainage layers. Equaflow is a source control sub base replacement layer comprising high strength, interlocking modular plastic units that are installed beneath the Safetrack surfacing. The system can be designed to include rain water harvesting and water management if required, offering a multitude of uses in our highly demanding greener society.

Trainer - Dan Skelton said; I am delighted in all aspects of my Safetrack installation. The team at Andrews Bowen are true horsemen who understand the needs of race horses. I could not be happier with the team and the product.

Trainer Todd Quast of Goldmark Farms Florida, had Safetrack installed in 2006 and said “Safetrack is a consistent, safe track surface and was definitely the best choice for us. It is the most consistent racetrack I have worked with. I have seen a 70% reduction in bone issues. Andrews Bowen have been very supportive throughout”. Jockey Dominic Elsworth said Andrews Bowen is a great design, horses feel confident and travel well. I have found it consistent in all weathers in all the locations I have ridden on it. Andrews Bowen are used to working with all clients to achieve installation of top quality surfaces in the required timescales and also providing the necessary technical back up and supportive for our surface throughout their lifecycle.

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