Hay Bar

Planning and building a new yard can be quite an undertaking.  The horses welfare is paramount yet the design and construction must be efficient and cost effective. Running costs for any yard can become a serious financial liability and, with  forage prices set to rise, it is essential that we try to find ways of becoming more economical and less wasteful.  

Hay Bar is a proven sound investment in many ways.  Stabled horses benefit from feeding from the floor, as it helps to maintain their natural way of foraging. This, in turn, helps to ensure that mentally they are more relaxed and that there are less respiratory, dental and physio problems, all of which can prove to be costly and, to say the least, inconvenient. 

Other unnecessary and unwanted expenses are waste forage and bedding: Hay Bar helps to ensure that forage does not become contaminated and ensures the horse gets the full benefit of what he is being fed.

Labour costs are rising all the time, so it is important that time is well spent.  Filling hay nets is time consuming.  The Hay Bar system is labour saving, safer, more hygienic, better for our horses and the solution to numerous problems.

 Tel: + 44 (0)1723 882434 for more information or visit www.haybar.co.uk

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Cover Profile - Guillermo Arizkorreta

Cover Profile - Guillermo Arizkorreta