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Now you too can have your horses working daily in water thanks to the new innovative water walker from Kraft, makers of the famed oval walkers. Horses can work in water as low as one inch (30cms) up to a height of 3’3” (100cms). Once up to maximum height the water supports the horse which is invaluable in the case of injury taking up to 60% weight off their legs while giving a good cardio-vascular work-out. Sea water or tap water can be used.

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Kraft Horse Walkers use the best of German technology both in the moving parts, the filtration and the attractive wooden fencing.

The oval walker is now much sought after, now that research shows that giving a horse time both on the straight and on the bend is best for joints. Horses are not designed to be continually on the curve.

The whole of the oval water walker is designed to make it as enjoyable for the horse as possible; the entry ramp is coated with slip-resistant rubber, there is good space for the horse to walk in around the oval, each slot is 7’2” (2.2m wide) giving the horse room to splash if it wishes.

The oval walker is perfect for rehabilitation, training, muscle toning and conditioning as well as for their general well-being.

Brian Ellison, trainer of Top Notch Tonto second in the group 1 QEII at Champion’s Day at Ascot is the latest to be installing an oval water walker. He will be putting in an 8m x 16m oval walker.

There are many combinations possible with the Kraft oval walker: the water level can be adjusted, the speed precisely set, the water temperature selected and either salt of tap water may be used. The whole system is programmable making it very user-friendly.

WHO?? One trainer says “ The horses enjoy entering the pool and appear very relaxed both during and after their exercise.”

Kraft offer the complete product so all you have to do is lay the concrete foundations with the moulds provided and Kraft do the rest.

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