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What do you use to detect signs of heat?

Vets have used thermal imaging cameras for years with consistent positive results that can no longer be ignored. Thermal cameras have not been adopted by many yards either due to financial restrictions or lack of the technical know-how for such complicated equipment. However, recent advances in technology have allowed the creation of the ThermaVetTM, a thermal imaging camera that’s simple to use and can easily be attached to your Smartphone/pad. The racing industry demands a lot from its trainers, staff and horses alike. When presented with a thermal imaging camera that fits into the palm of your hand and can be used on a daily basis for monitoring injuries, infections and disease with ease; how can this not catch our attention? This has the potential to make a positive impact on equestrian health monitoring and save time and money. Instead of just feeling for heat, see the heat and take a photo/video of it to compare against previous images.

Easy to use and non-invasive complementary tool in the palm of your hands…
Thermal imaging is a useful non-invasive method of remotely monitoring surface temperature. The ability to monitor skin temperature easily has great potential for the early detection of disease, infection or injury. A hot spot indicates inflammation or increased blood flow. Cold spots indicate decreased blood flow, usually the result of swelling, nerve damage or scar tissue. It is especially useful when deciding when to bring a horse back into work after injury, when detecting infections post op. and in wounds, monitoring when travelling or locating abscesses – the list is endless.
The ThermaVet TM is an early warning, simple and affordable tool that can be used on a daily basis. It simply attaches onto your Smartphone/pad and enables the user to take and store thermal photos and videos, giving instant comparable results at the point of care, aiding trainers to make decisions, act quickly and save money.

How much does it cost and where can I get one from?
The RRP is £199.99 however, European Trainer readers can use the discount code: TRAINER to receive £25 off. Simply buy from the online shop found at