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Equine Haptoglobin test

Make useful and accurate decisions by testing for Acute 

Phases Proteins with Lifeassays

LifeAssays® AB has developed a unique patented rapid Point of care test for Equine Haptoglobin.  Equine haptoglobin is a very stable acute phase protein and therefore a very reliable marker for inflammations. LifeAssays makes it possible to run tests that normally have to be sent to a central lab. Performing a test using the LifeAssays® System is easy and convenient. Insert the reagent vial into the instrument and the LifeAssays® VetReader will automatically perform the measurement and display the result after 11 minutes.

A complete solution for The LifeAssays® VetReader is a new alternative for POC testing utilizing the unique and patented magnet immuno assay (MIA) technique. The system composes of two parts: wet chemistry reagents and an analytical instrument, the Vet Reader, for quantification and measuring. Trainers who use the Lifeassays test, avoid extensive training with a sick horse and then can safely see when the horse is back on the road to recovery and into training. What’s more the accuracy of testing is comparable to data that takes much longer to come back from a laboratory. Veterinary professionals, who use the Lifeassays test, do so to determine if; selected treatment is effective and not affected by concurrent medications; for post operative monitoring. Veterinarians can also rely on the Lifeassays test to give them the best diagnostic and most accurate point of care tool for detecting systemic inflammation.