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equinITy - the workout tracking technology as used for Mubtaahij

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Fine Equinity Ltd was established in 2011 by racehorse owners Keith Hanson and Steve Catchpole to develop a product that would satisfy their need for a more interactive ownership experience. They felt that by collecting data relating to their horses’ fitness, they would have an insight without physically being present on the gallops each morning.

equinITy has evolved over the last two years and now provides a powerful, state of the art equine training and welfare tool, designed to be simple to use whilst gaining as much important data as possible. The bespoke GPS device is held in a pocket on a lightweight girth sleeve which also incorporates an equine specific heart rate monitor. Speed, heart rate, stride, split times and location are all live streamed to any web enabled device anywhere in the world either through the equinITy website or via equinITy’s App onto smartphones or tablets.

As well as real time delivery, the data collected is also available for retrospective analysis through equinITy’s web based software. This processes and graphically illustrates the data producing highly informative performance reports of speed vs heart rate and stride, split times, distance and recovery rates enabling valuable comparison analysis.

equinITy has already been used by trainers as far afield as Australia, USA and Dubai as well as all over Europe, providing themselves and their owners with a method of accurately assessing ability and fitness in advance of running. equinITy has also proved a good indicator of impending health deterioration saving on expensive and disappointing trips to the races.

Mike de Kock says of equinITy:  “Having used the equinITy system for a number of years I am delighted that the stride monitoring and live streaming components are now available. Access to accurate speed, heart rate and stride data via equinITy allows me to make decisions based on scientific facts as well as my instinct.

I was thrilled with Mubtaahij’s win in the UAE Derby on Dubai World Cup night. We used the new equinITy device on him in the build up to the Derby, which was a great help. Not only did he look amazing physically, but his data backed up exactly what I was seeing in front of me. His work showed that he could cruise at a high speed with a long stride length allowing him to conserve energy and thus quicken off a strong pace, which is exactly what he did on the big night.”

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