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RDInducoat enhance bio-security

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Bio-security is a priority for all training yards, with the main focus on the care of the environment in which the horse spends most hours of the day:  the stable. Whilst not seeking complete sterility, the aim should be to reduce your animal’s exposure to pathogenic mould and bacteria. Stable walls might look clean yet swabs will reveal a bacterial growth and mould.  Hence  the use of coatings on walls to protect against harmful micro-organisms makes perfect sense.

RDInducoat offers coatings which are tried, tested and approved by leading horse yards. Since 1948 it has been developing a reputation for its easy, safe and ecological coatings systems which specifically focus on protecting against harmful micro-organisms. All of the coatings are safe for humans, horses and the environment. Their efficacy complies to the strictest industry ISO standards. And, most importantly, they have been adding value in selected horse yards – both in the Netherlands and in Ireland. Independent horse hygiene specialist have concluded that the coatings are protected against harmful micro-organisms for 24 hours every day, all year.

The key to the system is the ease of application, durability, and suitability for use by staff. The value of of the coatings for any yard owner trying to achieve a high level of biosecurity for their performance horses has now been verified by bio-security specialist Alan Creighton, of the Irish Equine Centre.

“His test results were positive,” says Jack McGuinness, RDInducoat distributor in Ireland.  “This is why our team felt that it is now the time to give RDInucoat coatings some exposure to the readers of Trainer Magazine. After all, if you are painting anyway, why not choose a smart coating?”

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