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Yard and Stable Hygiene Services get on top of your biosecurity

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Racing stables, and indeed most yards, now recognise the need to improve their hygiene and biosecurity levels, often having learnt the hard way at some point in their careers.  

But how many think buying a disinfectant and adopting a lower dust regime is enough?

In order for any disinfecting treatments to work they must be applied properly, thoroughly and regularly on a cleaned surface to all areas of the yard including those so often overlooked: roof areas, beams, tops of grills, feed mangers, ablution blocks, tack rooms and the like.

Yard and Stable Hygiene Services was established by Tom Fillery, with ten years hands-on experience in the racing industry, to combat increasing problems and challenges that trainers are encountering due to climate and environmental changes.  The thought of someone coming into the yard to clean and overhaul the facilities while trying to get on with training routines can be a worry,  yet staffing levels and their duties are such that its near impossible to achieve it ‘in house.’  

YSHS understand these timescales and the necessity to work around them with minimal disturbance for maximum improvement while providing a professional, friendly, cost-and-time effective bespoke service, using specialised equipment and only professionally tested and endorsed materials and coatings.  Says Alan Creighton, Environmental Scientist at the Irish Equine Centre: “Stable hygiene is about being proactive rather than reactive. Barrier paints/coatings and disinfection are an essential part of the modern performance yard.”

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