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Equi-N-Ice - cold compression treatment

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Equi-N-Ice is an innovative, clinically proven and effective cold compression treatment for horses. Equi-N-Ice works by drawing heat out as opposed to other products that work by trying to drive cold in, such as ice packs. With Equi-N-Ice, there is no refrigeration, no mess, no mixing and no unpleasant smell. It is specially designed to conform to all the competition rules set by the FEI and all equestrian governing bodies.

Equi-N-Ice comes in a convenient reusable bandage, which is impregnated with a special cooling fluid which treats the area by rapid evaporation once applied. Cold compression is well documented as the most effective way of treating inflammation, swelling and bruising of muscles, tendons and ligaments; with Equi-N-Ice, the skin is as much as 15 degrees cooler once the bandage has been removed.

The bandage has it’s own natural elasticity, providing support and comes in a handy pack that can be resealed easily and quickly, so is an essential part of your first aid bag, whether at the barn or on the road.

Once washed, it’s so easy to re-apply the special non-irritant coolant to make the bandage damp again, and ready to store until needed again. The coolant is supplied in a handy plastic spray bottle, making it easy to re-apply without taking off the bandage.

To compliment the Equi-N-Ice bandage is The Rapid Cooler Rug, which is a quick and efficient, ideal for pre and post race, after exercise, while traveling and in all hot climates. The Rapid Cooler Rug is made from Coolmax® fabric, known for its ‘cool’ properties in reducing skin temperatures in human athletes, drawing the heat and sweat away and provides hours of cooling.

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