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Support performance from within with Vetrogard

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The management of a racehorse in training often means long periods in the stable and little time in the field grazing. Combined with high levels of concentrate feed, this routine can result in periods without forage, for instance if the horse finishes his or her hay or haylage well before next feeding time. In addition, intense training regimes and regular travel can lead to high stress levels. All these changes can challenge the racehorse’s digestive system. 

The imbalance of a stomach expecting a supply of food 24/7, but in reality receiving discrete meals throughout the day, leads to an excess of gastric acid which can cause discomfort.  This in turn can negatively affect appetite, condition, droppings and behaviour – all of which can prevent your horse from performing to their optimum.

Animalife, the creators of Vetrofen and Vetroflex, have introduced Vetrogard Intense to their range of high performance supplements. The dual action, nutritional formulation has been designed to support gastric health and comfort.  Studies have shown that horses fed Vetrogard have improved appetite, condition and faecal quality scores.

Vetrogard Intense helps support the gastric epithelium and acts to assist the body’s natural defences to any gastric acid splash in stabled, exercising horses. 

Vetrogard Intense is free from banned substances and 100% natural. Vetrogard Intense is available in a 525g tub, priced at £99.99. 

Call +44 (0)1564 794 586 to find your local Animalife Accredited Retailer or order online at (subject to delivery charges).