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Horse Weigh launch new 'space age' weighing platform

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The “Goodwood” is the new super lightweight weighing platform from Horse Weigh, using Formula One and aerospace technology.  Each half of the platform weighs only 31.31lbs (14.2kg), has its own transport bag and may be carried on a shoulder. It is assembled in less than 2 minutes. If you are taking your horses abroad, your “Goodwood” goes too.  Bluetooth recording technology of all data is standard. 

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The “Goodwood” was launched at the Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace in July. (Horse Weigh is a Royal Warrant Holder supplying horse weighing equipment to HM The Queen.) The Goodwood is taking Europe by storm - deliveries have already been made. It is now available in North America, and great interest has already been received.

Weighing is ideal for maintaining the optimum winning weight of racehorses.  Regular weighing will pick up a problem before your eye does.  It is also useful to monitor the recovery weight after travel nationally and internationally. By monitoring the weight a trainer can decide whether to advance a horse’s training or hold it back and thus not waste valuable time.  Owners are requesting the optimum winning weight of their horses and wanting their trainers to weigh.  Some trainers report that owners ‘expect’ them to weigh weekly. 

This platform has been field-tested by racehorses in rehabilitation, by foals, mares and stallions during the spring and summer at Shadwell Estate Co Ltd and at The Royal Studs. 

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Studs weigh regularly to monitor growth and adjust feed accordingly; stallions can be maintained at their optimum weight during the covering season.  Weighing can be carried out in the paddocks instead of bringing the horses back to the stables so saving time for staff and stress to horses.  

This portable platform is popular with vets who may have to operate out in the paddocks.  An accurate weight means an accurate amount of anaesthetic; the accuracy guarantee is +/- 1%. 

Champion trainer elect, Richard Hannon says “Horse Weigh platforms are a very helpful training aid to monitor the horses’ weights.  We always weigh them before and after a run and then again a few days later to see how quickly they regained the weight which they lost during a run.”

“Sky Lantern is weighed regularly like all the horses; probable Breeder’s Cup contender Toronado is weighed every week and we could see that he was putting on condition, which just confirmed our thoughts that he was really improving and in great form for Royal Ascot.”

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 Published in North American Trainer Fall/Winter 2013 Issue 30